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Our patented Lateral Wedge cassette ramp has been serving the ambulance and PTS market for over 15 years. It is the ideal, cost-effective and simple alternative to tail lifts, allowing swift, easy access for wheelchairs and stretchers into a number of vehicles.

It's robust and simple to use, activated by a simple push button switch which both deploys and returns the ramp safely to its stowed position. It folds flat into the vehicle floor thus maintaining a usable floor space when not in use.

The 'cassette' ramp section can be effortlessly removed and swopped with a replacement in a matter of seconds, keeping the vehicle on the road, right where it needs to be.

Our wedge ramp has a bariatric load carrying capasity of 450kg and offers a constant 12° shallow slope. Cassettes are supplied as standard with anti-slip floor covering and high visability 'ambulance' yellow casing.

Wedge cassette ramp

Click here for instructions on how to maintain your wedge ramp.........     Wedge Ramp Care.pdf