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wheelchair accessible vehicle

The Wheelchair accessible vehicle with a  combonation of advantages!

Nominal subframe length - 1250mm
Nominal subframe width - 780mm
Entry height - 1375mm
Internal height - 1385mm

The Combo in our opinion has it all!  We were ecstatic when Vauxhall agreed to bring this chassis into the UK especially for us to convert into a WAV.

The vehicle boasts impressive fuel consuption figures, specifically on the 1.3 turbo diesel.  It also has the longest wheelbase of its kind, offering unbeatable interior space which can accomodate 5 seated passengers plus a wheelchair space. Not too bad for a vehicle which is really no bigger than an estate!

In terms of our conversion we were clear from the outset that it was imperitive to respect the original bi-link independant suspension system which provides the vehicle with unrivalled ride quality. We were careful to modifiy only the absolute minimum of original parts where we had to, for instance we were able retain all the original vehicle seating and the fuel tank. 

Ramp type - bi Fold (fold flat 'taxi" ramp available)
Ramp length - 1550mm
Ramp width - 780mm
Ramp entry angle - 12°

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After conversion the seating layout allows for a maximum of 5 seats plus wheelchair space.